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I provide practical and precise SEO strategies and systems to revamp your online presence with qualified organic traffic - which converts new customers.

What to Expect: A partner you can trust

Success Accountability

I also operate a business, so I understand you're short on time and resources to do every aspect of online marketing for your cannabis operation. Successful business operators know that hiring an expert amplifies your efforts because there is no guesswork.

If you hire me for your SEO or Email strategy, you'll find from the start I take your business very seriously and I am always working on campaigns to get you ahead.


Finding a web partner who actually gets you results is hard. Though not every business is a match for my services, If I’m confident I can help, we’ll set up a time to chat more about the why behind your project and discuss the scope of whatever needs doing. You will get a dedicated and experienced marketer that believes in putting customers first.

I work very hard for each of my business partners and take great pride in the results I can accomplish. My end goal is to continue to grow and captivate your customers and get the best results I can.

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Jan 11, 2018

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What You Can Expect

As a search expert with advanced technical, marketing and business skills and 10+ years of digital experience, Steve understands both the big picture and intricate details when it comes to optimizing and converting online. He provides unique insight with a "sail the ship in the right direction" and "identify low-hanging fruit" approach.

Winning in Digital Starts with a Plan

  • Architect Winning Digital Search Marketing Strategy and Calendar
  • Website Optimization and Conversion Strategy
  • Analytics and Conversion Tracking
  • QA Implementation and Drive Execution by Internal Resources
  • Monthly Insights and Progress Report
  • Participation in Company Conference Calls and Emails, In-Person Meeting Upon Request
  • Training and Vetting of Internal Marketing Resources for Company

Top 5 Reasons to Work with Steve

  1. You Need an SEO Expert that Can Lead Digital Strategy
  2. You Need Clear Direction and a Detailed Plan to Win in Search
  3. You Need Someone With Experience You Can Trust
  4. You Want to be Certain You Are Making the Right Decisions
  5. You Want to Use 2018 Best Practices

Winning in Digital Starts with a Plan

  • 10 hours per month
  • 210 hours per month

Bottom Line

Steve Dolan is an experienced strategist and trusted consultant that delivers tangible results that will meet or exceed your expectations.

Steve Dolan - Mogrify Studio

I rank websites with my highly targeted SEO & original content strategy approach.

I'm committed to serving you and our community.

Together, we'll put your brand in front of as many eyes as possible.

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