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by Steve Dolan // Thursday, January 11, 2018

What Social Media Sites Should Your Brand Be On?

If you try to be "everywhere" and across many different social media channels, you risk stretching yourself too thin. It makes better sense to concentrate on one or two that generate the best return for your efforts.


How do we get a good understanding of which channels are right?

  1. Know who your audience is and where they hang out
  2. Understand the psychology of how people use each social media channel and what motivates them to consume, share and comment
  3. Analyze usage statistics for each platform
  4. Investigate for yourself


Here's a brief overview of the main social media networks including some of the 'personality' or psychology of each platform. They're are also arranged in order of the number of users according to the latest statistics you can download below.


Global connectivity. Social marketing platform.

  • The most widely used social media platform
  • Variety of different post types - link, image, video…
  • Pages and Groups
  • Targeting opportunities via advertising


Mobile streaming and social TV platform.

  • Video - personal brand
  • Entertainment
  • Instructional ‘how tos’
  • Searchable


Peer-to-peer sharing. Growing engaged communities.

  • Authenticity is key
  • Capture real moments
  • Uplifting, inspiring, motivational, aspirational
  • Jump into conversations (much less private), search by hashtags/users


Real-time news and video discovery platform.

  • Largely public
  • Has decreased in popularity last couple of years
  • Join the conversation around topics or events (hashtags)
  • Twitter users follow to be ‘in the know’ and ‘stay up-to-date’


Mobile storytelling brand discovery platform.

  • Largely untapped potential
  • Only network with the power to send cell/mobile phone notification
  • Content expires after 24-hours
  • 1-on-1 connection means increased open-rates and engagement
  • Younger demographic


Visual search engine. Social product discovery.

  • Driving passive traffic
  • Pinnable blog content - images built to stand out on Pinterest: long, vertical images, infographics
  • People use it as a search engine, browse and share content they like
  • Inspiring, motivational, aspirational, educational, informative


Professional conversation and content amplification platform.

  • Professional networking space
  • Online resume
  • Position as expert
  • Stay in the know - will your content inform and update people?
  • Network effect where relevance content creates ripples
  • Important for Business to Business promotion


Ask yourself:

  1. Who’s using what platform? Are they your people?
  2. When & how they’re using it? Does that line up with your objectives?
  3. What’s going to work for you - your time, talents and brand?
  4. What's going to give you the best return for your efforts in terms of quality traffic?


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